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  • 23 Jul 2018

Directors sometimes borrow assets or money from their company, intending to repay or make good the cost to the company so that a benefit in kind tax charge doesn’t apply. For benefits provided in the year to 5 April 2018, the company must be repaid by 6 July 2018 to avoid a tax charge.

The benefits which are affected are: non-cash vouchers, cars, vans, fuel for cars or vans, accommodation, credit tokens, and a catch-all for benefits treated as earnings. Interest payable on loans is not covered by the new rules.

A loan advanced to an employee or director doesn’t create a tax charge for the individual (but the company may have tax to pay) if the amount outstanding at any point in the tax year doesn’t exceed £10,000.

If a greater amount is borrowed, the tax charge can be avoided if the employee is required to pay interest on the loan at a rate equal to or greater than the official rate (2.5% for 2017-18).

This interest must actually be paid to the company, not just accrued in the accounts. It makes sense to pay any interest due before 6 July 2018, so that an accurate P11D can be completed and submitted by that date.

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